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Autoclave for wood impregnation (deep impregnation) of Sukhoviy Albus



Energy efficiency


Ease of transportation


Affordable price

The main advantages of the Sukhoviy Albus autoclave:

Reliable construction

the autoclave is designed and manufactured to withstand twice the operating pressure.

Automatic mode

after loading lumber into the autoclave, all processes are controlled automatically.

Individual maneuvering capacity

depending on the client's wishes, the maneuvering container can be located on the side, under or above the autoclave.


the set of equipment is designed in such a way that it is easy to transport it by road transport and install it in a new place.

Impregnation, technical features and a general description of the autoclave process

Building materials made of wood can be damaged by fungus, mold, and rot, but today they can be protected from external atmospheric influences by various chemical means.

Impregnation of wood with various solutions is called wood impregnation.

Flame retardant (protects against fire). Wood impregnated with various special solutions is more difficult to work with, and is less able to support combustion. It is impossible to completely protect wooden products from fire, but protective impregnation (especially after autoclaving) definitely lowers its flammability class.

Antiseptic (biological protection). Thanks to this type of material solutions, fungi and insect pests are not scary, and this type of wood penetration also protects against rotting. Many modern impregnating liquids work according to the "two-in-one" principle: they contain both flame retardant and antiseptic.

Painting (decorative impregnation of wood). Lumber, which has a small thickness (up to 50-60 mm), can be completely colored with the help of an autoclave. This decorative function of impregnation is quite often used by manufacturers of billiard cues, knife handles, and wooden souvenirs.

For impregnation, an autoclave with the "Vacuum-Pressure-Vacuum" operating scheme is used

The whole process consists of the following stages:

  • loading. The wood to be soaked is loaded onto a special trolley. It moves inward with the help of an electromechanical drive.
  • degassing, vacuuming. In the autoclave (hermetically sealed), rarefaction is created and constantly maintained. At this stage, air is pumped out of the tree, which leads to the maximum opening of the capillary system.
  • supply of solution. After degassing, the necessary impregnation solution is supplied to the apparatus.
  • hydrostatic pressure. The supply of the solution increases the pressure, and it is maintained for a given time. It is at this moment that intensive deep impregnation of wood is carried out.
  • conditioning, second vacuuming. After the fourth stage, the solution is pumped into the maneuvering tank, and a vacuum is created inside to remove surface tension. This removes the remaining moisture from the upper layers of the tree.
  • unloading the autoclave.

Model line

In the standard version, the autoclave and other containers are made of steel, the welds are inspected with a defectoscope, the set includes all the necessary pumps and an electromechanical loading drive. If necessary, the chamber can be manufactured according to individual requirements (changed stack size, stainless steel, etc.).

Albus 38

450 m3 month
  • Electric power - 4 kW
  • Length of the stack - 6200mm

Albus 58

900 m3 month
  • Electric power - 6 kW
  • Length of the stack - 12200mm
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