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Press vacuum drying chamber for wood Sukhoviy Vac Pulse



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The main advantages of a vacuum drying press:

Drying speed

in our chamber, a board with a thickness of 40 mm from pine dries for 36 hours, from ash - 120 hours, and from oak - 200 hours.

Minimal deformation

the stack of lumber is under a given pressure, which minimizes deformation and warping.

Soft modes

the drying process takes place at low temperatures, which minimizes breaks in wood fibers and relieves tension in the material.

Energy efficiency

due to low temperature regimes, effective condensation and properly organized aerodynamics, Sukhoviy Vac Pulse is many times more economical than classic and 30% more economical than vacuum drying chambers.

Technical features and general description of the process of operation of the drying chamber

Sukhoviy Vac Pulse is an evolutionary development of wood vacuum drying press technology. We managed to get rid of the main inconvenience of vacuum chamber presses - heating plates, while not losing the quality and speed of wood drying. The heating plates significantly complicated the formation of the stack, often failed and required preventive technical inspection and maintenance.

Using our chambers, you can form a stack while another is already drying in the chamber. An efficient aerodynamic heat distribution system works no less efficiently than heating plates, and an additional moisture condensation system saves time and energy.

Automated camera control system eliminates human error.

Separately, we note that the heating system is electric or liquid (with the possibility of connecting any boiler or connecting to the existing heating network). At the request of the client, the heating system can be combined - electric and liquid.

The main stages of working with the chamber:

  • loading a stack with lumber. The stack can be formed on the carriage of the drying chamber, or separately
  • closing the chamber
  • programming of chamber modes depending on the type and thickness of the material
  • after starting, the chamber works in offline mode, the presence of the operator is not required
  • after the tree has lost the required amount of moisture, the chamber is stopped by the operator
  • opening of the chamber and unloading of lumber. The chamber can be put into operation immediately after unloading the finished lumber, no additional downtime or maintenance is required.

Model line

In the standard version, the chambers are made of steel, have double insulation, are equipped with electric heaters or liquid radiators and an electromechanical drive for loading. If necessary, the chamber can be manufactured according to individual requirements (changed stack size, stainless steel, etc.).

VacPulse 4

to40 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 4 m3
  • Electric power - 23 kW
  • Stack size - 1400х1350х4200

VacPulse 6

to60 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 6 м3
  • Electric power - 33 kW
  • Stack size - 1400х1350х6200

VacPulse 9

to90 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 9 м3
  • Electric power - 51 kW
  • Stack size - 1400х1350х9200

VacPulse 12

to120 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 12 м3
  • Electric power - 66 kW
  • Stack size - 1400х1350х12200
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we will conclude an agreement in which we will discuss the terms and conditions of delivery

we will load your equipment onto the transport and provide all the necessary documents

after the chamber is in your territory, we will carry out chief installation, start-up and staff training

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