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Thermal chamber for modifying tree the Sukhoviy Arbor



Energy efficiency


Ease of transportation


Affordable price

The main advantages of thermowood (thermally modified wood):

Stable geometric dimensions

Thermally treated wood does not warp, it does not bend and it does not change its dimensions under the influence of the external environment

Ease of processing

due to the absence of residual stress and low humidity, thermal wood is easy to process and requires only a high-quality sharpened tool

Saturated color

one of the characteristic features of heat treatment is a change in color over the entire thickness of the workpiece, the wood becomes dark in color and exhibits a natural pattern

Low hygroscopicity

thermally treated wood absorbs moisture much less, so it is very moisture resistant

Heat treatment technology and a general description of the chamber process

The Sukhoviy Arbor thermal camera works with any types of wood. The workpiece must be dry, otherwise additional cracking may appear during the thermomodification process. In the middle of the chamber during operation, excess pressure and a steam-water environment are formed. The camera works in temperature regimes from 155 to 225°С.

The Sukhoviy Arbor thermal chamber is as reliable, simple and high-quality in operation as the Sukhoviy KTMD and was designed to be transported in a sea container.

The main difference of the chamber is its rectangular shape, but we have preserved other important characteristics - it is double insulation, and the introduction of electric curtains through an aluminum diffuser, and electric loading of the stack.

The main stages of working with the chamber:

  • first, a stack of material is formed on the trolley, it is important to use 20-millimeter translations and 30-millimeter spaces
  • after forming the stack, the trolley moves into the chamber, the chamber door is closed
  • depending on the thickness and type of wood, as well as the degree of modification, the operator programs the controller, which subsequently monitors the entire heat treatment process
  • after thermal modification has taken place, and the temperature in the chamber has become lower than 75 °C, the chamber can be opened and the material can be removed
  • after unloading the chamber, you can immediately start a new loading, no intermediate stop is required, as well as additional technical inspection.

Model line

In the standard version, the chambers are made of steel, have double insulation, are equipped with electric heaters and an electromechanical drive for loading. If necessary, the chamber can be manufactured according to individual requirements (changed stack size, stainless steel, etc.).


to30 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 6 m3
  • Electric power - 36 kW
  • Length of the stack - 6200mm


to45 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 9 m3
  • Electric power - 48 kW
  • Length of the stack - 9200mm


to60 m3 per month
  • Capacity (timber thickness up to the 50mm) - 12 m3
  • Electric power - 62 kW
  • Length of the stack - 12200mm
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after the camera is in your territory, we will carry out chief installation, start-up and staff training

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