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Thermal chamber
for wood Sukhoviy
A new generation of chambers for thermal treatment of wood. It is distinguished by compactness, the possibility of transportation in a sea container, while maintaining the quality of processing and ease of operation inherent in our equipment.
Thermal chamber for wood Sukhoviy ARBOR
Press vacuum drying chamber Sukhoviy Vac Pulse
Innovative, fast and energy-efficient method of drying wood. The vacuum drying press works with various types of wood and is ideal for small and medium-sized woodworking industries.
Press vacuum drying chamber Sukhoviy Vac Pulse
Autoclave for wood
impregnation Sukhoviy
The equipment for impregnation (impregnation) of wood, which works according to the "Vacuum Pressure Vacuum" technology, is fully automated, easy to maintain and operate. Works with all flame retardants and antiseptics available on the market in the form of an aqueous solution.
Autoclave for impregnation of Sukhoviy Albus wood
sukhoviy logo

Own design bureau

The equipment is designed by us. We constantly communicate with our customers, listen to their advice and comments, and periodically make improvements and improvements that make our equipment better and more convenient.

Unique technologies

We understand wood processing, so when creating our equipment, we use the most effective, unique technologies so that you can produce the best products from wood.

Energy efficiency

Understanding modern challenges related to energy resources, we create machines that are the most energy-efficient in their class.

Environmental friendliness

As responsible producers, the future of the planet is important to us. Our equipment in the process of processing wood does not create additional environmental pollution, and the machines themselves are fully recyclable.

About the company
Our company was established in 2015 in Ukraine by woodworking specialists and engineers who united for a common goal. We created a design office and set up our own production. The company "Sukhoviy" produces equipment for thermal treatment (thermal modification), drying and impregnation (impregnation) of any wood species. We constantly improve our equipment, improve its performance, and pay great attention to process automation. Currently, our equipment works in Ukraine, Poland, Latvia, Lithuania, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Macedonia, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Vietnam. Much of our equipment was delivered to Belarus and Russia, but from 2022 we do not sell and do not plan to sell our machines to these countries.
Our aim
We produce equipment that should help to process wood simply, qualitatively and quickly, while maintaining an affordable price. In addition to simple sales, we provide our customers with recommendations on production organization and wood processing technology. Even to the detriment of our own competitiveness, we use only high-quality components tested by experience. So, sometimes this leads to an increase in the price of the equipment, but it always leads to an increase in quality and an increase in the service life of the equipment under the "Sukhoviy" brand.

Our advantages


"Sukhoviy" equipment always meets the stated technical characteristics and processing performance.


When designing and manufacturing equipment, we optimize costs in such a way as to be the best in comparison of price and quality.


Despite the availability of standardized sets of equipment, we are ready to manufacture equipment with individual requirements.


In addition to the machines themselves, we provide full technical support in the form of technical documents and a permanent technical line for our customers.


"Sukhoviy" equipment works in automatic mode, thanks to the use of industrial controllers of various levels of complexity
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How to buy



After consultations, we conclude an agreement in which we detail the technical characteristics, equipment and terms of delivery of the equipment


Manufacturing and delivery

After manufacturing the equipment, we load it on the transport provided by the client, provide all technical and accompanying documentation


03 Start-up and training

After the delivery of the equipment to the customer's workshop, we provide assistance in the chief installation and start-up of the equipment, as well as provide training for staff.